I am in the process of making an excel spreadsheet to calculate total weight/body measurement loss/gain, given a starting weight/measurements. I know the basics of excel and have never really used it to with functions beyond the basics. I have found an excel template online that I would like to base my own off of, but mine includes more info.

I have included a sample of mine (pink one) and the one I found online (green one). The one I found online contains tables, so the functions make no sense to me at all, but I think you can get the jist of what I need to calculate by seeing mine.

I basically have all of my starting measurements and then I want to record the date/new measurements and have an area where a have a running tally of my calculations.

Hope it's not too confusing. Thanks so much!!!

Body-Weight-Tracking-Template.xlsx <-----online version

weight loss.xlsx <-----mine