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    Help required

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    Hi Team,

    I am trying to calculate login hours of and employee based on their login hours the segregation is <3:00:00 hrs is 0, >3:00:00 & < 6:00:00 is 0.5 & >6:00:00 is 1. Where 0,0.5 & 1 are count of days.Whenever i am viewing the login hours in pivot for the day wherever the count of days is 0.5 the staff time is getting doubled (when divided by 0.5..EX:- 3:05:00/0.5 is giving 6:10:00)& wherever the count of days is 0 it is reflecting as error, it is giving correct value for 1. My requirement is the staff time for 0.5 & 0 should reflect the same for the day and whenever we are calculating for multiple days staff time needs to be divided by sum of days.

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