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Thread: Using Drop Down to Populate Multiple Cell Values from Different Sheet

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    Using Drop Down to Populate Multiple Cell Values from Different Sheet

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    I'm trying to use a drop down item list located on my first sheet: it's a drop down of product item sizes (64oz, 7oz, 5.5oz). I have a table (A12:B38) in my second sheet that has the product item size in Column A, and the flavors in Column B. (Example: Row12 Column A: 7oz, Row 12 Column B: Grapefruit. Row 13 Column A: 7oz, Row 13 Column B: Pineapple and so on.)

    I want to be able to choose an item size from the dropdown in Sheet 1, and have the flavors appear below depending on my choice. (flavor data from Sheet 2)

    I've looked online for hours but I'm completely stumped. I had a great picture to attach here, but I don't have enough posts for it because I'm new. I'm hoping this is possible with a formula. I don't know much about macros. If anyone can help with this I'd be forever thankful!!!

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    plz see the file. Is it help you ?
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    Try to copy the unique data, then count them on Sheet1.

    In cell F3 on Sheet1 and copy down

    In cell G3 on Sheet1 put ARRAY formula and copy down (finish formula with Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
    Select range G3:G30 and define name uniqueData
    On Sheet2 in Validation List put =uniqueData

    if not working formulas, replace the comma with a semicolon

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    worked like a charm!!

    Thank you so much Appreciate it!

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