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Thread: Generating multiple results

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    Generating multiple results

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    I have created a spreadsheet wherein various calculations are triggered by a designated "cost of funds" figure. The table below is just one example. My problem is that the calculation engine only allows for one cost of funds at a time, but I need the results to display results for multiple values, as shown below:

    Cost of After Tax Equity Equity
    Funds Earnings Start of Year End of Year ROE

    18.00% $4,525,851 $17,000,000 $21,525,851 26.62%
    16.00% $5,705,161 $17,000,000 $22,705,161 33.56%
    14.00% $6,884,471 $17,000,000 $23,884,471 40.50%
    12.00% $8,063,782 $17,000,000 $25,063,782 47.43%

    It seems to me that the scenario manager will not do what I need, so I am wondering if anyone has a good suggestion. At the moment, I am doing what seems ridiculously laborious - namely, I plug in the desired value in the engine, then turn the results into values, rather then formulas. Of course, not only does this take time, but it turns the reports into static numbers and if I change the engine, I have to start all over again.

    I hope this makes sense, and would appreciate all feedback.

    Thanks, David

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    Maybe someone else can understand it better than I but I cannot see what you are doing or why here. Why do you yhink it only allows for 1 cost of funds, why do you copy paste values. More explanation maybe with worked examples would help.

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