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Thread: Problem with 2 loop in VBA

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    Problem with 2 loop in VBA

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    hi everyone

    I have problem with loop in vba. I have 2 loop:
    loop 1) run from b2 to b17.value in this loop run loop 2
    loop 2) run from Bj to Fj (j from 1 to 5), if duplucate goto next, else "/drug name"
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    I'm not sure what your expected outcome is, but I can see two problems with the code:

    1) Your attempting to assign a value to e string variable sText, but there is nothing after the equals sign, so this is an invalid statement.
    2) In your J loop, you reference the cell value at (I,j), but you are not assigning any value to the cell, or performing any action with the cell value, which is a fatal error (run time 438).

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    Copied your Sheet 1 to a new sheet and changed your blank cells from 0 to blanks.
    What you have on row 8 indicates r and R are considered equal.
    Believe this does what you want, the results are written to column J.

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