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Thread: Add up in a Range Based on Criteria Using VBA

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    Add up in a Range Based on Criteria Using VBA

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    Hi All,

    I'm having trouble with data processing for my Final-course Essay. Please download my file in order that I can explain more easily.
    In the first sheet (Board_raw), there are information about Boards of Directors and Executives of listed firms in Vietnam Stock Market. It is displayed with the ticker of a firm (i.e, list name of a firm, with 3 characters) and date. I calculated whether a person is a director (1 means that person is in the Board of Directors and 0 for otherwise) in the column K in this sheet.
    What I need is calculate the total member of BoDs of a specific at a specific time (sheet Board_final).
    For example, at 2013 (i.e, the last day of the year 2013), ABT has 5 members of BoDs. We will calculate it by add up all the cells which have value 1, based on criteria that the date is the most closest to 31/12/2013. In this case, the date is 07/01/2014. All other cases have the same principle like this.
    I tried to use SUMPRODUCT() but it has some mistake.
    Anybody have some clues about this by using VBA? Thanks for your reading

    P/S: This is my file, for your consideration:

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