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Thread: excel formula: LINEST/intercept

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    excel formula: LINEST/intercept

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    I have data on a spreadsheet in columns. AN2 TO AN1794 is the Dependent variable, a column.

    C2 to AM 1794 encompasses all the Independent variables, each variable in their column. If you recall, column headers start A to Z, then AA, AB, AC asf. I stop at AN (containing the Y column, and the last column, the Dependent variable). There are "a few" in my sheet. If you can picture this, ea column of data points, independent and dependent, is from row 2 to row 1794, and from column C to column AN and all cells in ea datapoint's column is filled w/ a value, so I think we're saying all are "of equal dimensions," per Excel Help w/LINEST. I can't find a way to attach the spreadsheet, but please e-mail me, and I'll send it to you if you need a more clear view. I think there's a ceiling in Excel 2010, of 64 Independent's; it used to be 16 in earlier Excel's.

    I go to a free cell (B1796) and row, highlight left to right the instructed-minimum number
    of cells and the LINEST formula as this:


    then I hit Control + Shift + Enter as instructed.

    It returns the following (in row, left to right, beginning with where I entered the formula at B1796):

    -2104.756049 -570.7471089 -0.000206418 0.199164964 -0.301516931 -0.226590964 -121.5543604 0.174138012-1152.995148 7.650581088 0 5.58865E-11 18.57891774 49.38530061 0.147784742 0 1907.021545 -7.106843351 -0.150671166 -8.128028372 39.64806232 0 4537.620731-1361.608638 0 0 0.143590865 4.416718696 -0.005255223 0 0.077817965 0.001695002-0.099775489 0.170865028 0.000735885 0.104149811 -0.047975495 1201.506418

    Which of these numbers is the Intercept? I thought I had it in sight, but lately I'm wondering....

    Thanks for your look.
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