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Thread: Random numbers meeting 3 conditions

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    Random numbers meeting 3 conditions

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    Hey guys,

    I need this function or code that produces random numbers that meets some conditions.
    I asked post a similar problem in the following website Ozgrid and MrExcel , but they were not able to help me. I also asked a similar question on this forum but in the formula section, but unfortunately no answer.

    I have restructured my sheet and my question, hopefully this time we can solve this issue.
    As you can see in the attachment I have this timesheet of a person of January 2015. I have all the information I need to populate the timesheet but I want the numbers be randomly divided over the days and projects.

    I already filled the hours as an example, but I want this via some code or formula.
    • So this person works on 2 projects.
    • He can work 176 tot in this month.
    • A workday has 8 work hours
    • Weekends they are off
    • The sum of project 1 should be 106 hours
    • The sum of project 2 should be 70 hours
    • The numbers generated should be random but should meet the above conditions!!

    I hope I am clear to what I am asking.
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