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    Timeline Slicer

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    Hi All,

    Quick question regarding formatting data to use timeline slicer:

    The information I am able to extract is as follows:

    Period - in values of 1, 2, etc...
    Year - in values of 2015, 2016, etc...

    I am struggling in finding a way to format these values as a date so that I can use them for a timeline slicer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Can you post the workbook?

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    I have posted some weather data from EC. The problem is the year, month and date are in columns and there is no aggregate date to use a timeline slicer. Any help would be appreciated - please refer to attached.
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    Excel 2013 Pro Plus
    Simply merge the year, month, and day columns with Power Query
    to create a real date column and load the Query into the PowerPivot Data Model.
    Create a Calendar for the Data Model and relate it to the previously created date column.
    A Calendar (Date Table) is a sine qua non for PowerPivot, See any book on PP and PQ.
    A TimeLine Slicer will work off the Calendar.
    Count on several months of study to learn Power/Query/Pivot.

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