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Thread: converting true and false to yes and no

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    converting true and false to yes and no

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    Hello all, can anyone help me as to where I put "YES","NO" in the following formula as wherever is try to put it in with the IF function it shows an error? =OR(AND(D6=Sheet2!B4,Sheet1!D8=Sheet2!D4,Sheet1!D10=Sheet2!F3,Sheet1!D12=Sheet2!H3),(AND(D6=Sheet2!B4,Sheet1!D8=Sheet2!D4,Sheet1!D10=Sheet2!F3,Sheet1!D12=Sheet2!H4)))

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    Perhaps = IF(your_formula,"YES","no")

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    unfortunately this doesn't work, I cannot work out which order the IF, OR & AND function need to be in in order for it to return yes or no

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