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Thread: Devide total project hours randomly

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    Devide total project hours randomly

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    I have been working on this project and I have come very far, with the help of many excel forums...
    The final piece of the puzzle is very tricky and I need your help with it.

    So I have created a time sheet and its input comes from external systems. Once the data is imported in the sheet, via excel formulas a monthly time-sheet is populated. At this moment the population process works perfect (see attachment and change the Column A and the percentage in column G)

    Unfortunately the requirements changed and the solution we have now is not as wished. In order to finalize this project, the random function should implemented. This means the following:

    Current state represents the assigned hours according to the following elements:

    • Number of holidays or being sick and absence…
    • Number of projects according to their percentage
    • And date

    The wish is now to randomly divide the assigned hours over in the project section -J13 AN18-

    I have attached the sheet and you can see my what I mean in sheet2 (the arrow). The button was my way to solve the random function, but forget is...

    The idea behind the random function is that a person can work in a day on different projects, and the wish is have the project section each day randomzid number but the total must be the sum of what is given in J13:AN18...

    I was wondering if we could use our current solution and build further. What I mean is to use the result that we have now in the project section and divide it over the amount of assigned projects randomly.

    Thanks in advance!
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    While the "shot gun" approach may seem a good way to seek out a solution....

    Perhaps next time you go to one of those many excel forums you get help from you can click on the "I agreed to these rules" right under the user name in your posts, and read #4.

    Or perhaps look at this on one of those other sites and read #2, the one in red.

    Or maybe, at still a different site, have a look at this, in particular #8.

    And while you're here on this site, if you were to read this it would increase your knowledge and understanding of why the forums have this rule.

    Cross posting is not a prohibited, but there are reasons to have it done in the appropriate manner.

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    Hi NoS,

    I send you pm and apologized, since I was not fully aware the damage I had done.

    I am sorry for cross posting. When I started with my advance excel project I did not read any excel forum rules. My apologies for this.

    After reading the rules, I feel bad for doing it, again my apologies to all the experts.

    I also send a message to the admin of this forum, to remove my post, but I did not hear anything from them yet. May someone else can help me to remove this thread or show me how I can remove or edit it. And even if I post the same problem here, i will give the link to my original post.

    Thanks in advance

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