Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem. I have an table with several rows and columns filled with hard data (values but no formulas) where the last column and row are totals. Due to ignoring decimals, totals often do not fit to row or columns sums. (usually the difference equals to 1 or so). But I need them to fit and cannot change them so I need to adjust the values in the table. Since the table is quite large with few subtotals it is exhausting to shift the data manaully. So, what I am looking for is an tool that can adjust values (integral numbers) in the table so their row and column sums fit to predefined and fixed totals. Of course the goal is to keep those adjustments as small as possible and possibly distributed between many values. Does and tool like this exists or is there any way how to fix this issue? I'll be grateful for any help.