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Thread: Need last table column to auto update

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    Need last table column to auto update

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    I am fairly new to writing any kind of code. i have a simple table that has columns A, B, and C with constant data. Columns D:P are blank but have a list to choose from when the task is complete. in Column Q i have an If formula to determine if cells D:P are blank and if all are not blank it returns "Ready". I have code written in VBA that creates a time-stamp in Column R when data is entered, it works great if i manually add data to Q. My problem is that the formula doesn't change the contents of the cell and i would like it to automatically update my time-stamp when all of my tasks are complete. My thought was using an "If ElseIf Then" but i couldn't make it work for me. i have tried for 3 days to do this, i know there has to be a way. Attached is a sample of my workbook with the code for the time-stamp. Please help me as this is turning my hair even more gray than it already is. Thanks in advance!

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    This is a deceptive situation. The Change event is not fired by a cell containing a formula. What Excel displays may change but what is actually in the cell (ie: the formula) does not change.

    Similar question at a couple other sites here and here.

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    Yes that is exactly what i wanted to say, but you put it much more eloquently! Thanks for the links to the other posts, i will see if i can make something work from those suggestions.

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