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Thread: Need help with summarizing the data

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    Need help with summarizing the data

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    Hi All,

    I have this sample data that I need to present every day to leadership. Unfortunately, as I am not aware of how to sum it up at the bottom of the table, I am doing it manually. Could anyone please help me how to get this accomplished with formulas

    Attached is the data for your reference

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    Hi All,

    Please help, I am spending whole lot of time to do this manually

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    Post Solution

    [QUOTE=ramat;17753]Hi All,

    The solution to this is that u can apply formula for each cell like this in data given by you


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    Plz find attachment. is it help you ?
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    I have applied the formula to data attached by you in previous post.

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    Thanks Sambit,

    But the values it should pick is from column G and not from B thru E. For example if I change the value from 973K to 500 K in cell G11, the table should reflect this accordingly. But currently it is not showing this. Could you please help to modify this?

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    Hi Yasm,

    This is amazing. It is working, but can I ask for one more help please. Some times it so happens that some of "Y" items are not fully at risk which means that there might be a partial amount that is risk and the balance can be collected. So, have inserted another column next to it that denotes the difference between the total for that region - risk associated.

    Can you please help me to get the balance as in the excel that is attached now? Please help
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