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Thread: Copying data from a cell once only

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    Copying data from a cell once only

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    Hello people, sorry it's my first time asking for help I'm not really an advanced excel user but I have some questions on whether some things on my excel sheet could be done if anyone can help - I have tried looking and searching the forum but couldn't find any answers - maybe I'm really dumb and looking in the wrong place or wrong search terms.

    Here's a flow chart of what happens:

    Weekly Budget excel file


    Change date on "weekly budget file" which will then update the date on a different excel file "daily sales sheet" which has two tabs


    the 1st tab is a weekly sheet which updates the date when the 'weekly budget file' is updated. I wanted to ask when I add a new row for a new store - the following row (the totals for all stores) the formula does not reflect or include the new row - can this:

    be done automatically when I add a new row for the totals row to reflect and include this new row?
    Ideally if this new row can also be included automatically in the totals row for the 2nd tab on this sheet would be perfect.


    2nd tab shows the monthly figures and here what I want to do is instead of manually copying and pasting data from 1st tab to 2nd tab on a weekly basis - is there any way for the 2nd tab to grab the data when I input them the first time on the 1st tab and just having the 2nd tab automatically recognising which date it was first input without changing after.

    I'm really sorry if this makes no sense but I have attached the two files in questions - any help would be really life saving!

    Thank you all

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