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Thread: Removing 0 values from data and legend

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    Removing 0 values from data and legend

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    Hi All

    Well this is my first question in Xl GURU , hope I can explain better

    I have made a graph, which is taking a data from a table (please see the attached file). The problem is; sometime there is no data in a series value, still excel take it as a blank-legend. I tried using NA() in condition but nothing worked, maybe someone could suggest me a macro

    Here one question arises: why didn't I make the graph directly from the pivot table? The reason behind this is that I want to show the total across the row in front of the bar (you might have aware of this trick), so I had to create a separate table with totals.

    Please anyone suggest me a way to remove 0 and unwanted legend in this graph

    Thanks in advance!!
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