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Thread: How can I recalculate cells when cells in same row change?

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    How can I recalculate cells when cells in same row change?

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    I've googled for an answer to this with no luck so here i am.

    My workbook is my time sheet for work. Each row of data is a job that I did. The last 2 cells in each row take the data from the rest of the row to calculate the total cost of the work done and what I made on the job. All the data is input and calculated through a userform. That all works great.

    What I am trying to do is if I made a typo in the userform and output the wrong totals how can I make it so any change in value in a row will recalculate the last 2 cells in the same row?

    The data in columns F-J are used in the script to calculate the values in K and L. So for example if in row 10 I need to change the hours worked from 8 to 10 I need the values in K10 and L10 to recalculate.

    As it is now, all the data and calculations are done with the user form when I click the calculate button.

    I attached the latest version of my workbook. It does use DTpicker so if you need to run it to see anything it will error out. I am going to look into another way to capture the date and/or input the date so if you have any suggestions I open. This is just a side question lol.


    DRL TS FC1.22.xlsm

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    Opps this needs to be in vba programming. Moderator!!!! Please help. How do I move it over there?

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