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Thread: Converting Data from ID to Another

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    Converting Data from ID to Another

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    Hi All,

    I am new when it comes to Excel. I have 2 spreadsheets that I am trying to compile into a single sheet, but the data columns don't match so i can't do a simple copy and paste. I will give an example Below to help try and explain what I am looking to do.

    I need to convert the Pro_ID in Book 2, to match the Pro_ID in Book 1, but leaving the UPC numbers in Book 1 alone. I think it would work like..... IF BOOK 2, COLUMN A MATCHES BOOK 1 COLUMN B, REPLACE WITH BOOK 1 COLUMN A DATA (SAME ROW)

    Book 1 Book2
    2 AAA 1111 1111
    3 1111
    4 1111
    5 BBB 2222 2222
    6 2222
    7 CCC 3333 3333
    8 DDD 4444 4444

    If it can be done, I will need really simple how to steps to complete this. There are 6000 Pro_ID's so this one at a time is not easy.

    I am not sure how best to explain what I am trying to do... All i know is, I need the IDS in COL A Book 2 to convert to the IDS in COL A Book 1

    Thanks in advance
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    I can do a simple Find & Replace. So find AAA and Replace 111. That works fine for 1 ID. I Would like to be able to do it in bulk.

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    Excel 2010 with free Power Query Add-In.
    Compatible with Office 2013 Pro Plus.
    No formulas, no macro needed.
    "Really simple" to some users.

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