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Thread: sumifs dependent on data range within cells

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    sumifs dependent on data range within cells

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    Hello...I'm hoping someone can help me here before my laptop goes for a flying lesson!

    I need to insert an IF function at the start of the below formula so that the SUMIF only returns the sum when the date in 'Test Data'!$J:$J is between 01/02/2015 and 28/02/15

    =SUMIFS('Test Data'!$I:$I,'Test Data'!$L:$L,"<=0",'Test Data'!$D:$D,C$8)

    The trouble I seem to be having is that there is an existing VLOOKUP in 'Test Data'!$J:$J as the date is pulled from another workbook.

    Any ideas?


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    =SUMIFS('Test Data'!$I:$I,'Test Data'!$L:$L,"<=0",'Test Data'!$D:$D,C$8,'Test Data'!$J:$J,">="&DATE(2015,2,1),'Test Data'!$J:$J,"<="&DATE(2015,2,28))

  3. #3 perfectly. Thank you very much NBVC

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