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Thread: IF Formula checking for Text

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    IF Formula checking for Text

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    =IF('EQUIPMENT LIST'!I6<="Motor Control Center",'EQUIPMENT LIST'!E6,"")

    I am trying to retrieve a value from column E(any cell) where any cell in the I column = "Motor Control Center".

    I have tried various conditions such as:


    The results are not correct. It seems to me the above should work.

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    =IF(COUNTIF('EQUIPMENT LIST'!I6,"Motor Control Center"),'EQUIPMENT LIST'!E6,"")

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    OK the above worked for me now I have another formula that I am working on:


    I am checking for two specific text values in a cell and only checking the first 4 bytes. I keep getting either the word *VALE* or *NAME*, what am I doing or not doing correctly?

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