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    IF Formula

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    Can someone help?
    I want to be able to return a figure under a salesman's column, but only if their initial's are in a cell, and if there is won under quote status column. I've tried IFs(H349=R349&IF,P349=T357,O349,""), but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

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    Thanks very much, I've been puzzling over that and trying this and that.
    It works

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    Hello again, how about a formula to return a figure with a % added on as a gp ie 100 would become 125.00 with 20% added as a GP?

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    Doesn't 100 with 20% added become 120?


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    It does when you add it, but not as a GP. on a calculator I would divide 100 by 0.8 and get 125, which is 20%gp, how can I do that in excel

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    That would be


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    Thanks for that, what I have is a column for a buying cost , next a cell where I can put what ever % I need, and return the figure with the % added as a GP, IE 100 in one cell, say 20% in the next with the result in the last one. Could you help? I really appreciate your help

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