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Thread: Dates that aren't really dates, they're text

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    Angry Dates that aren't really dates, they're text

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    I have a spreadsheet that was created by our EtQ system, I'm not sure what rev of Excel it is. There is a columns labled "date", but the cell contents are text. Example "Apr 1, 2007". No matter how many times I try to format the cells to be dates, they will not change. Thus, I cannot sort by oldest to newest, I can only sort A-Z. Not helpful. Any thoughts of how I can correct this?

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    Select the column, go to Data|Text to Columns. Click Next twice, skipping to 3rd dialogue window. Select Date from the Column Data Format area, then click Finish. It should convert to real dates which you can format as desired.

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    That did it!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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