I would be really thankful if anyone can help me with a code to make this userform function properly.

I want to make a userform to easy register attendance at multiple events. I would imagine the userform to have
- The label "name"
- A dropdown-menu that allows me to pick from the hundreds of names that are already listed. Preferably a search box that matches the name to the corresponding Excel cell.
- A tick box that states "Attended?"
- Two command buttons to "insert" or "quit"
(If possible: A box that allows me to insert date of attendance in the 'I' column)

When I now click "insert", the form should automatically tick the "participated" box in the 'J' column (and date in the 'I' column), next to the corresponding name in the 'B' column.

(I removed the rest of the content in the illustation, but provided some generic names for explanatory purposes. The total list will include hundreds of names.)

http: //i.imgur.com/47BcWJF. jpg