Hi all,

I'm building a "configurator" tool for a sales rep. He just have to select some informations in the sheet1 "Configurateur" and he will have the part number, price and item description displayed in another cells. I want another worksheet (Soumission) with the output values of the first sheet displayed on the first available row.

So basically the user only need to click on a button "Créer la soumission" (Create quote) to have all needed informations from worksheet "Soumission". However, cells from "Configurateur" may not have Value in it (but they have a formula in it) so, when I try to remove blank value row, it doesn't work.

This seems complicated and I may not be very clear about this. So I've attached the document.

So try this and you'll see what I mean.
- Sheet1 "Configurateur" ---- Enter "1" in the grey cell next to "Sans fil - WIFI". You should see a Qte, part number, description and price next to it.
- Sheet2 "Soumission" ---- Click on the button "Créer la soumission". You should have the information from the previous sheet. However, it's not displayed in the first available row.

Thanks in advance !

FrankListe de Prix TBL.xlsm