Hello Friends,

I need some help regarding copying data from certain cells in multiple worksheets into one worksheet in a categorized format. Basically I am looking for a VBA code or any other workaround if possible to help ease my task a bit. I have lets say 10 worksheets each containing invoices. The worksheets are renamed according to invoice number like (3001, 3002, 3003). Cell B2 contains the invoice date, B3 contains product code, B4 contains name of the client, E3 contains warehouse number, H2 contains account number & H3 contains warranty date. I want to have an 11th sheet which should hold all information in following sequence:

H3 in A2 (of the 11th sheet)
B3 into B2
B4 in C2
C2 in D2
B3 in E2
E3 in F2

I need a VBA code which goes through all worksheets, collect data & paste in new worksheet row wise. I addition i want to have title of my company in cell A1 of the 11th sheet. I have tried some codes from different websites but could not get it to work.

Help would be highly appreciated as I am a complete newbie to advance programming stuff.