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Thread: SUMIF with 'criteria' from another cell?

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    SUMIF with 'criteria' from another cell?

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    I want to use 'sumif' to add up amounts spent in a simple monthly workbook, but the criteria comes from text in another cell. My example: =SUMIF(MAY!C:C,"=*KWIKTRIP*",MAY!E:E)
    I want something like this: =SUMIF(MAY!C:C,C1,MAY!E:E)

    And in cell C1 (the 'criteria') I can type whatever I want, like 'KWIKTRIP' and copy it for as many columns as I need.

    I have tried every way I can think of to format the text, and searched the 'help' way too long.
    Also, rather than retype the month 24 times I could reference the months from one cell as well.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Do yo mean


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    That works, great! Thanks

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