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Thread: Condense this formula using vlookup or hlookup?

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    Condense this formula using vlookup or hlookup?

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    Hi There,

    I have this formula here and I would like to know if I can condense it using vlookup, hlookup or any other option.

    =IF(cday=1,SUM('NA Input'!C21),IF(cday=2,SUM('NA Input'!C2121),IF(cday=3,SUM('NA Input'!C21:E21),IF(cday=4,SUM('NA Input'!C21:F21),IF(cday=5,SUM('NA Input'!C21:G21),IF(cday=6,SUM('NA Input'!C21:H21),IF(cday=7,SUM('NA Input'!C21:I21),IF(cday=8,SUM(C21:J21),IF(cday=9,SUM(C21:K21),IF(cday=10,SUM(C21:L21),IF(cday=11,SUM(C21:M21),IF(cday=12,SUM(C21:N21),IF(cday=13,SUM(C21:O21),IF(cday=13,SUM(C21:O21),IF(cday=14,SUM(C21:P21),IF(cday=15,SUM(C21:Q21),IF(cday=16,SUM(C21:R21),IF(cday=17,SUM(C21:S21),IF(cday=18,SUM(C21:T21),IF(cday=19,SUM(C21:U21),IF(cday=20,SUM(C21:V21),IF(cday=21,SUM(C21:W21), IF(cday=22,SUM(C21:X21), IF(cday=23,SUM(C21:Y21), IF(cday=24,SUM(C21:Z21),IF(cday=25,SUM(C21:AA21), IF(cday=26,SUM(C21:AB21), IF(cday=27,SUM(C21:AC21),IF(cday=28,SUM(C21:AD21), IF(cday=29,SUM(C21:AE21), IF(cday=30,SUM(C21:AF21), IF(cday=31,SUM(C21:AG21),0))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    The formula is looking up the particular day of the month then add up the right numbers up to the specific day of the month.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    Use PivotTable with Running Total.
    Options Slicers, GetPivotData()
    Share file if stuck.

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