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Thread: urn data - trouble with Lookup function

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    urn data - trouble with Lookup function

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    I have files that I have to turn like for example the file looks like that

    col1 col2 col3
    100 789 ckdsjfkd
    100 889 adsfdsf
    100 934 sjfkdsajf
    101 897 sdfdisjf
    101 394 sldfkdl

    and i need it to look like this (this is a fake data)

    col1 col2 col3 col4 col5 col6 col7
    100 789 ckdsjfkd 889 adsfdsf 934 sjfkdsajf
    101 897 sdfdisjf 394 sldfkdl

    I have used this formula


    and then


    But now the lookup function is not working, is always says there is error in the formual. But it worked when I did this like 8 months ago:/

    Can you help me? If you have another idea to do this that works, I have been googling but can't find any

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    More information

    I can see that the error is because excel whats me to use ; instead of , in the formula. Do not now why. If I change is just returns 0 in the colum

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    Excel 2010 with free Power Query Add-In.
    Compatible with Office 2013 Pro Plus.
    No Lookup() or Match() formula, no VBA code.

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