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Thread: creating a summary sheet that pulls data from multiple sheets???

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    creating a summary sheet that pulls data from multiple sheets???

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    This is a newbie question I"m sure but I can't figure out how to do this. I maintain a spreadsheet for our sales force in which there is multiple sheets within the workbook. Each sheet is for a separate sales rep and on the last page I have a summary of all the data for our sales leadership to be able to look at everyone all at once.

    In the summary page I have created a summary of 1 page but I have 75 left. that all need to be included in this summary and I am wondering if there is a way to copy the formula I used to link the first few rows of data to the first sheet and keep it moving down my summary page but with each summarized section linking to a different sheet.

    For example. Rows Rows 1-10 (Jon Do-Boston...Rows 12 - 21 (jane doe-New York- separate sheet) all the data is in the same column and row in each individual sheet with the only variable being the sheet itself.

    Is there any way to have the formula I used for the first section and have it continue down the summary page but with each section referencing a different sheets set of data? Without manually changing the formula in each column, row..etc???? PLEASE SAY THERE IS OR I WILL BE WORKING THROUGH THE SUPERBOWL

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    I'm tempted to not try to help so as to save you from having to watch such a non-sport as that, but even I am not that cruel.

    Without actually seeing the data, it seems that the INDIRECT function could work for you. Create of the worksheets on the summary sheet, lets say in M1:M75, and use formulae like




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