HI, New to your site hope you can help me with can I/How to question. I have been ask to design something to help track account payments that have gone past due.
This customer currently enters payments into XL spreadsheets for clients he finances not all finance but a great many do. He is looking for a way to track those who have fallen behind in those payments without having to open every sheet to check it. I thought adding a page to a workbook with all the customers spreadsheets in it as a report page. I have come up with ideas for checking the page for past due payments but what I would like to do is copy the customer name into the report when my TRUE statement is met. I would like it to add these names to the next open line in the report and not over-wright the last line entered from a different sheet. Can this be done? I have done numerous things with Excel sheets and workbooks but not yet tried to add data from different spreadsheets to the next open line of a different spread sheet as a report. Before I beat my head against the wall and burn many hours on something that can not be done I thought I would put this out their for the experts to tell me what I am able to do. If this can be done any help, examples, pointer, or tips would be appreciated.
Thanks you for you help and advice.