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Thread: Formula to insert images

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    Formula to insert images

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    I have a spreadsheet I am trying to insert text (DOOR 1) into sheet 1 cell A:1, and want an image (DOOR 1) from sheet 2 inserted into sheet 1 cell B:1, then want text (DOOR 3) entered into sheet 1 cell C:1, and another image (DOOR 3) from sheet 2 entered into cell d:1

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    I have insert Two Nos. of Door image in sheet 2.

    select door in Sheet 1 (A1 & C1) Cell. and you get image of door on Cell B1 & D1.

    pl find attachment.
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    Great, exactly what I am after, can you expalain how I insert image and get it to reference to Door??

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