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Thread: Help with "IF Conditions" and Drop Down boxes....

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    Help with "IF Conditions" and Drop Down boxes....

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    Hey all! I am a long time reader of this site and I've learnt a lot about excel but I finally need some assistance on a small side project I am working on.

    I have a spreadsheet with 4 questions (possibly 2 or 3 drop down options per question) and depending how those questions are answered, I would like an answer will generate in two fields.
    Who is emailing?
    What are they enquiring about?
    Do they have VIP support?

    So for example, if John is emailing, he is enquiring about his iPhone, he has VIP support - I want fields B1 to say email and then B2 to have a pre-defined value.

    I really hope this makes sense/is possible.

    I would love to get some direction or advice on this. A similar example would be great to follow along with.

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    Post an example, with some more explanation.
    I cannot really understand what you are asking.

    Roger Govier
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