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Thread: Multiple Lookup excel query

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    Multiple Lookup excel query

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    This has been bugging me for a while now. Essentially what I'd like to do is to check that the Size & Qty match up from one sheet to another, using the unique code as the lookup reference.
    In the attachment, on the tab called 'form', to check the size, you will need to look at the number in column 'I' and then looking between rows 1 & 8, go along until you see the number that you want.
    For example, for code 3053, the size code is 7, & the Qty is 39 under size 'XL'.
    In the tab called 'data', I want it to

    • check that the Customer PO matches in ‘data’ column E & ‘form’ column A
    • check that the code matches in ‘data’ column K & ‘form’ column B
    • Then if they both match, look up the size break in ‘form’ column I, and whatever number that is, do a lookup in ‘form’ rows 1 to 8 to see what volume there is against each code
    • I would like a formula that will paste whatever the size is based on the top 2 criteria in ‘data’ column S & whatever the respective Qty are in col T

    The main difficulty that I’ve found is that because there are sometimes multiple sizes under the same code.

    Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense.
    Attached is the spreadsheet for your reference.
    Many thanks in advance!

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    No attachment.

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