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Thread: Using Drop Down Menu to present Selected data

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    Using Drop Down Menu to present Selected data

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    I am working on Budget Presentation data for various departments. I have to create Drop Down menu of various departments i.e Click Cell 1, following Dept should appear Div1, Div2, Div3 and Div4.

    Once user select Department, in the same sheet following data should appear:
    1) HEAD 2)Div 3)FINAL_COMMIT 4)INITIAL_COMMIT 5)Complete 6) Incomplete

    Data sheet is being uploaded herewith. I have tried alot but to no avail.

    Any help would be much appreciated please.

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    Try this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phillips View Post
    Try this
    Div should be at Upper side and once selected it should present the entire data pertaining to selected Div only .

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    What does Upper side mean?

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    At any coloumn bt not in between the data. Like There may be a Combox Box at any cell containling the list of Divs. selecting any Div from the box should present the entire data of that Div only.

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    Combo Box creating for choose Div. Pl check the attachment. I hope it may help you some extent.
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    Since you are already using tables for your source, I would just make use of the the inbuilt features.
    In the attached workbook, I named your table on sheet Data to Data
    I inserted another sheet called Report, and created a Table called Report, with the 6 headings required, but arbitrarily, I made the table 1000 rows long (around 3 times the size of the Data table)

    In the Report Table, I inserted the formula in the first data row of the first column, as
    and copied across through all the other columns and the formula adjusted to to take the header value of each column within the brackets [ ]
    Now, as you populate the Data table, the relevant items will automatically appear in the Report Table.

    Using the dropdown filter button in column Div of Report table, the user can select the Division required and see the relevant data.

    If you have Excel 2013, you can apply a Slicer to the Report table, and the user can make the selection of the relevant Div through that, and you could suppress the dropdowns on each of the columns.
    (If you load the file in an earlier version, you will not see the Slicer, just a text box saying that this is where a Slicer would appear)

    I also chose to add a Total row to the Report Table, but you can remove this if it is not required.
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