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Thread: Request for Help with Function.

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    Question Request for Help with Function.

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    I am looking to fetch a value in C1 based on A1, B1 AND D1

    Condition 1:
    A1 = "A" (Text)
    B1 = "X" (Text) then 7% OR Minimum 7
    B1 = "Y" (Text) then 20%

    Condition 2:
    A1 = "B" (Text)
    B1 = "X" (Text) then 10% OR Minimum 10
    B1 = "Y" (Text) then 40%

    IF A1="A" AND B1="X" Then C1=(D1*7%) But if the Value returned in C1 is <=7 then C1 should have minimum value 7, Else the returned value.

    I need to add minimum criteria in my below function, Can you help me on this.
    =IF(AND(A1="A",B1="X"),D1*7%, IF(AND(A1="A",B1="Y"),D1*20%, IF(AND(A1="B",B1="X"),D1*10%, IF(AND(A1="B",B1="Y"),D1*40%))))

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    But what happens if none of the above are met?

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    An alternative


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    Thank you so much, Both functions works, I would rather use the alternative one so that my function length becomes shorter
    I have only two Variables in both A & B, I have used drop down box with those value. Hence there cannot be any other value or condition.

    Again Thank you so very much.....

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