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Thread: 3D referencing of a range over multiple tabs

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    3D referencing of a range over multiple tabs

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was trying to select multiple identical tabs in an excel and reference a range of names to show in each tab.

    the range would be


    And the same cell on each of those tabs would show Apple on the first and Orange on the second and Kiwi on the third.

    Dont know if I was clear. Thanks for the help



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    If i understand correctly and you simple want to copy those cells the multiple sheets, then first copy the range... then select the first of the sheets you want to copy to, hold the Shift key down, then select the last sheet you want to copy to. Now paste the range where you want. You can right click any sheet and choose to ungroup sheets when done (or select a sheet you hadn't selected in the copy to range).

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