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Thread: Fuzzy Logic

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    Fuzzy Logic

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    Help Needed

    I would class myself as a confident user of excel but I have real got stuck with this one.

    Back ground, Two sets of data tables, identical formats however,lines will be estimated at around 250,000 per year, 6 years of data.

    What 'm trying o investigate is if we have an duplications, but we need to consider a number of options:

    1. Number ( Does it match another one by 90%+, so I the number is 10 digits long, does another number with 9 matching characters :
    a. Same Value
    b. Same Date

    2. Value (Does it match another value where
    a. Date Same

    What I'm trying to create is a duplication report, but it has to work looking at data table one, data table two, the data table one V Data Table Two.

    An advice ?


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    You could try conditional formatting with a formula along the lines of


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