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Thread: How can I forecast

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    How can I forecast

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    Hi I have a problem and I ma afraid that my math skills has deserted me.

    As per the attached exell sheet I want to try and forecast percentage wise what the next no in Cell A84 might be.

    In C1 - 4 is the amount of times a no appeared in the worksheet
    D1 -4 is the percentage times a certain no appeared on the sheet
    E3 is the percentage times 1 ,2 and 3 appeared on the sheet.

    What I want to try and forecast is 1. what is the chances % of a 1 to appear in A84
    2. what is the chances % on either a 1 , 2, or 3 to appear in A84
    3. what is the chance % of a 0 to appear on A84
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    Surely is 25% for any number when you have 4?

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