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Thread: Formula Referencing Like Items in Multiple Rows

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    Formula Referencing Like Items in Multiple Rows

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    I have a file that has 4 columns. Below is an example:
    Store - Item - Value - Value 2
    2 - Bird - K - Formula
    1 - Dog - R - Formula
    2 - Dog - R - Formula
    3 - Dog - K - Formula
    1 - Cat - R - Formula

    I need a formula that will check the like items and if there is a ``K`` in any of the Value column for the same item, it makes all Value 2 cells a ``K`` for that item only. In my example, since all 3 stores have a Dog item, I want to check to see if any of the Value cells is a K. If so, I want to make all 3 of the Value 2 cells for Dog to ``K``. Since the Bird and Cat items only have 1 store, Value 2 should equal Value. If an Item was in 2 stores, I would need to check each store as above.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Do you mean?


    copied down.

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    Hi NBVC,
    With a small change to the last reference (B2 to C2), it seems to work great. Thank you very much.

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