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Thread: Index/match issue

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    Index/match issue

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    So I have created an excel document with various sheets in it. Sheet1 has various formulas in it using the MATCH INDEX function to draw values from tables in the other sheets. The table from which some of the values are being drawn (on sheet2) has a column with varies piping classes on it such as FC2, HC1, GC3 and LD3. along the top row it has pipe sizes. The table is completely filled in. On sheet1 when I use th INDEX MATCH functions to draw the correct values from sheet 2 it works for nearly every piping name, but not some of them. I am not changing the equation in anyway, just changing the name in th cell which needs to match.

    Can anyone explain why this happens?


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    Hi t-pot253, without seeing a sample sheet and your formula, my guess would be that your MATCH isn't looking for an EXACT match.
    Could you post a small sample sheet with say just that table and your lookup formula?

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