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    CSV Help

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    Hi All, I am a noob here. I have raw data that I get from a program called SIW - System Information for Windows. I am trying to make an inventory database. I saved all the computer data in csv. As you can see, I would need to transpose alot of columns and delete some rows to section it off by Operating System, Installed Programs, System Summary, etc and a bit of sub headings.

    Is there an easy way to go through this and after this is done, make another sheet that would give me a sort of search feature. Like, if I put the Ip Address, I would get all the other information about that computer.

    Please assist/advise.
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    Anyone can help.

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    Crickets Heh? For one - I looked it over and imported it parsed as csv. If you had an example of a few of the categories and related values - i.e. the format that you're looking for, I'm certain that I or someone more clever could offer something. Looks fun though.

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