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    Lightbulb Conditional Charting

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    Hi Everyone!

    Please help if this is possible? I'm making a column chart with the data below, the thing is I only wanted to show the chart once I provided the date on E2 and E3. The Column Chart will supposedly show the amount per course.
    A1: Course B1: Cost/pax C1: # of pax D1: Amount E1: Date
    A2: Servant B2: 4000 C2: 20 D2: 80000 E2:
    A3: Mentoring B3: 10000 C3: 15 D3: 150000 E3:

    Please help! Thanks in advance..

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    Use some code

        With ActiveSheet    
            .ChartObjects("Chart 1").Visible = .Range("E2").Text <> "" And .Range("E3").Text <> ""
        End With
    You could put this in a worksheet change event checking E2 and E3.

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    Not sure if I understand your question completely, but here is my 2 cents:

    Instead of having the value in the cell (B2/D2 and B3/D3), use the formula, =IF(E2<>"",4000,NA())

    Similarly you can do this for all the cells. When a date is not entered in cell E2, it shows #N/A error in B2 and D2, and these will not be plotted on the chart.
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    Thank you Bob. But where should I put this formula?

    Thank you Bob. But where should I put this formula?

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