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Thread: Subtract if formula

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    Subtract if formula

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    Hi Everyone!

    I need your help please. I have 6,900,000 budget. I need to compute for (budget less cost). Do we have formula that can compute the amount, only if I provided the date. The B4 (33000) will subtract to B1 (6,900,000) only if I put a date on supposedly C4?

    Please help with the formula. Thanks in advance!

    A1:Budget B1:6,900,000

    A2: Course B2:Cost C2: Date
    A3: Social B3: 5000 C3: 10-Mar-15
    A4:Gathering B4: 33000

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    Add a row under row 1 and label it Budget Remaining (A2) in B2 enter

    Quick and dirty but depending on how many budget items you have it would work. You can add other budget items and add to your formula. I'm sure there are fancier ways - provided this is what you're looking for.

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    This is superb! Thank you DSDressler, super BIG help to me

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    Single formula


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