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Thread: Need help on Excel VBA

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    Need help on Excel VBA

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    Hi Guru's

    Could someone help me with VBA coding for the following :

    Cell "B2" is Less Than "B3"
    Cell "B3" is Greater Than "B2" but Less than "B4"
    Cell "B4" is Less than "B2" and "B3".

    Also to check if these cells "" or 0 then Inbox to enter a value.


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    I am not sure I have understood you perfectly but

    If Range("B2").Value < Range("B3").Value Or _
       (Range("B3").Value > Range("B2").Value And Range("B3").Value < Range("B4").Value) Or _
       (Range("B4").value < Range("B2").Value And Range("B4").Value < Range("B3").Value) Or _
       Range("B2").Value = 0 Or Range("B3").Value = 0 Or Range("B4").Value = 0 Then
       myValue = InputBox("Input a value","App Title")
    End If

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