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    Master table Schema - Index[Course,No of Nominations,No Attended,No of evaluation completions] : Its a summery table to capture numbers corresponding to course details.

    A table with same name as course name will be created for each entry in Index[Course] to capture course details which will be displayed in a new tab with same name of course (Done through macro)

    To add to this thread , I need an employee wise view of Courses (Employee tab in attached file). I Should be able to see the number of trainings attended by the employee . Here challenge is that,i don't have a master list of employees. employees names will have to be populated in employee table from attendance list of each training - (Coursename[Attended/Not]="Y") Eg: If X attended MVC training he gets count 1.If he attends another training,count becomes 2 and so on.If a new person attends the last session in the quarter,His name also should be added to the list with count as 1.From the attendance list of last session.

    Basically For each employee , formulea should go through all training attendance forms till then and update his training count likewise.
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