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Thread: % based Calculation of excel sheet to track our mailers

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    % based Calculation of excel sheet to track our mailers

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    We are trying to keep very specific % on our mailers.. we need to be able to track all the info below , so either we would like someone to create a software that we can use or maybe even an excel sheet to track it..

    1.) I need a cost per lead basis.. meaning how much does it cost to to get a lead
    2.) % of leads we receive to mailers we send , So if we send 100 mailers and receive 10 calls thats 10%
    3.) % of returned mail to the amount of mailers we send. So if we send 100 mailers and get back 1 thats 1% returned mail
    4.) Deal to mailers % how many mailers do we have to send to get a deal
    5.) Calls to deals = how many calls do we have to receive to get a deal
    6.) Skip trace to deal % Meaning how many skip traces do we have to do to find a deal .. what is the % of that ??


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    All of the calculations are trivial once you have the information about the leads, who, where, when, and thoe associated costs, but you say nothing about that so I don't see how we can progress to those formulae,

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