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    I want a formula that can autofill data in SUN (sheet1) from in (sheet2) and shipped (sheet3).

    and data should be come as per enclosed sheet
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    for one - I looked it over and I'm not able to figure out what you're going after. Do you mean autofill or just transfer data to the appropriate cells? Would pivot tables work for you? You might show a before and after on some test data..

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    I think nits1982 is trying to explain as follows:

    In sunbeam!D4
    If sunbeam!A4=in!E:E and in!I:I=”sunbeam *” and sunbeam!D1=in!J:J
    Then D4 is in!F:F (Corresponding value)
    Else “ “

    If sunbeam!A16=ship!E:E and ship!I:I=”trading *” and sunbeam!D1=ship!J:J
    Then D16 is ship!F:F (Corresponding value)
    Else “ “

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