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Thread: Using a list value to populate a related list with data from a Database Sheet

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    Post Using a list value to populate a related list with data from a Database Sheet

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    Hi guys, I a new to the board and have challenge which I am looking to solve and hoping you may be able to help. I am working with a reasonably large database sheet. The database sheet has 1000+ records and each record has corresponding fields. I would normally use dependent lists for something like this, however the data set is large and not static.
    Currently I have a list which pulls from the range of record names selected and populates a cell. Lets use "D4". I would like to have the value selected in D4 trigger a list box in E4 which populates based on the fields assigned to record selected in the Database sheet.

    For example: I select "Cars" as my record (D4) and I would like the list in column "E4" to populate with all the fields in the database sheet for cars:, Audi, BMW, Chevy....etc..

    I am trying to automate this as the data in the database sheet may change and be re-imported over time however I need the drop down lists to maintain their functionality.

    Any help or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I have written several tutorials with downloadable example files for doing this with different versions of Excel.
    You can find them all here
    If you are using XL2007 or later than I would suggest using DV0005 - Create Dependent Lists With Tables and INDIRECT

    Roger Govier
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