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Thread: Help Streamlining my Spreadsheet

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    Help Streamlining my Spreadsheet

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    Hi All,

    I have a rather complicated spreadsheet that I am trying to streamline. The purpose of the Sheet is that on sheet Route Allocation (the Main Page) it will use information from 3 other sheets to match preferred postcodes against a name.

    My Goal is to try and reduce it down to using just one sheet if possible.

    What I am trying to achieve is to move the postcode preferences listed in POSTCODES BY DA (listing each name in different rows for each postcode preference) to DA SCHEDULE Columns (Postcode preferences in different columns) so that sheets POSTCODES BY DA & DA AVAILABLE COVERAGE can be removed.

    This will reduce the number of sheets and reduce the level of manual input, but in doing so I can not loose the integrity of the sheet.

    Route Allocation
    Has information copied into columns A:B, Column A is a generic code and column B is the postcode that is matched.

    Column C - works as it should, and does not need altering.

    Column D - is the Name matched against the postcode using formulas in columns E:H.
    Name can not be duplicated however postcodes can be, the sample data shows how their are 27 possibilities and 27 matches - it is this integrity that I need.

    To explain where the information comes from, in

    A rota is made and an X is placed in each day of the week the person works, column M is used for reference and will show an X if the person is working on the Current DAY

    It calculates which day of the week it is also

    CURRENTLY Columns I:L is where I would like the postcode preferences to be listed and used from instead of Postcode by DA

    Postcode by DA

    Column A, reveals the X next to the persons name if they are working today

    Column B, is the persons name that is used to match, the name can be listed here in 4 seperate rows depending on how many postcodes chosen.

    Column C, is the persons Postcode choice, where a person had more than one choice they will be placed on a second line person 27 is used as the example.

    Column D is the Index used with DA AVAILABLE COVERAGE To filter out all the names where the X is listed in Postcode by DA Column


    Column A is the postcode
    Column B is the persons name.

    This will list any names where an X is present from POSTCODES BY DA and if a person has more than one postcode their name will be listed again but with each postcode person 27
    is the example

    it is the data in this sheet that is used in the formulas in ROUTE ALLOCATION COLUMNS E:H to match the names.

    - - - - - - - - -
    So that is roughly how it works, I have left sample data in their so you can see how it works.

    Thanks in Advance for any input
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