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Thread: How to create date drop down list in each cell

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    How to create date drop down list in each cell

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    Hello comrades!
    I am stuck a bit on creating a drop down list in each cell in excel.

    What I want is that, when I click in CELL A1,A2, A3, A4, etc. I should get the drop down CALENDER list to pick my date. How should I do it?
    Refer to my attached sheet.

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    plz find attachment.
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    Thank you Sambit, however, i think this will need to make a list of dates within the year because when you are in December you must as well have the December dates which means that you have to go further downward in the drop down list to find the December dates.. I thought there is a simple way just to click the right arrow to switch the months within the dates and then simply select the date you need. however, I have been able to do this in only one cell, therefore i wanted to create a calender date picker in each cell so as to simply pick the date from the list.

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